Stainless Steel Metal Spinning

Stainless steel, as a low carbon steel, has been widely used in production and life. It is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-resistant, highly ductile and long-lasting. However, stainless steel is more challenging to machine than other metals due to its high tensile strength and apparent elasticity. If you need to spin stainless steel parts, it is important to choose an experienced metal spinning service provider. They are skilled at completing the job and ensuring that the final product meets the desired specifications.

Metal fabrication specialists are not only skilled at mastering the art of spinning stainless steel, but they can also use techniques such as heating the metal so that it can be shaped more easily, as well as electro-polishing or achieving a brushed or mirror finish. This high level of service ensures that you are able to take advantage of the superior properties of stainless steel – corrosion resistance, strength, durability, and suitability for external environments – without sacrificing the overall quality of the product.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Spinning

Stainless steel spinning technology offers considerable advantages over traditional stainless steel manufacturing methods:

  • It is more cost-effective in terms of mold manufacturing. This technology requires fewer molds, which helps reduce operational costs and enhances economic efficiency for businesses.
  • The process ensures high hardness and compressive strength in products. This is achieved as the metal fibers remain continuous and intact while the metal slips and misaligns under triaxial deformation forces during spinning.
  • Metal Spinning is a near-net shape manufacturing process, leading to higher material utilization and cost savings on materials.
  • The technology achieves superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish in the final products.
  • One set of equipment can be used for various manufacturing processes like precision machining, flanging, spinning, and shrinking, allowing for the production of a diverse range of products to meet market needs.

Stainless steel spinning case

Our technical team can produce stainless steel, aluminium, copper, silver, carbon steel and other metal parts, the following is a case study of our spinning stainless steel parts for different industries.


Medical Equipment

Product size: Φ110*250mm
Product thickness: 3mm
Material: 316
Application: Medical

Stainless Steel Venturi tubes spinning

Venturi tubes

Product size: Φ190*195mm
Product thickness: 2.0mm
Material: 304
Application: Dust removal equipment

Mineral drop funnels

Mineral Drop Funnels

Product size: Φ330*260mm
Product thickness: 1.5mm
Material: 304
Application: Mineral equipment

Fire Truck Panels

Product size:  Φ490*10mm
Product thickness: 1.5mm
Material : stainless steel 304
Application industry:Fire truck


Stainless Steel Funnel

Product size: Φ220*200mm
Product thickness: 1.2mm
Material : SUS304



Product size: Φ480*200mm
Product thickness: 1.5mm
Material : stainless steel 304
Application :Communication


Pots and Pans

Product size: Φ300*50mm
Product thickness: 1.0mm
Material : stainless steel 304
Application: Cookware


Fans air Outlet

Product size:Φ388*112mm
Product thickness: 2.0mm
Material : SUS304
Application: Fan equipment


Three-way catalyst

Product size: Φ110*220mm
Product thickness: 2.0mm
Material : SUS 409
Application:Automobile tailpipe

Metal Spinning of electric and automobile parts

Electric Auto Parts

Product size: Φ300*56mm
Product thickness: 1.0mm
Material : SUS 304
Application :Electrical appliance fittings

ventouse spinning

ventouse spinning

Product size: Φ190*195mm
Product thickness: 2.0mm
Material : 304
Application:dust removal accessories


leaky pot

Product size: Φ180*110mm
Product thickness: 1.5mm
Material : SUS 304
Application:hardware accessories

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