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Jiangsu Deyi Metal Spinning Co., Ltd., located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, With 18 years of experience in metal spinning machine research and development, Deyi has evolved into one of the leading CNC metal spinning service manufacturers. Our expertise lies in customizing CNC-controlled spinning machines and producing metal spun parts made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, carbon steel, and titanium alloys.

The core strengths of Jiangsu Deyi lie in their ability to achieve large forming thicknesses and high precision in their finished products. We have not only developed our own CNC spinning machine, but also equipped with the Leifeld brand from Germany.. The company’s manufacturing capabilities include a wide range of product sizes, with diameters ranging from 50 to 2100mm and lengths up to 500mm. Their processing material thicknesses are impressive, handling stainless steel from 0.5 to 15mm, iron from 0.8 to 15mm, aluminum from 0.8 to 15mm, with an accuracy of ±0.01mm.

We have two factory areas, with metal spinning as its core business. Additionally, we are equipped with 3D laser cutting, robotic arm laser welding, tube bending, hydraulic presses, and other supporting processes. This comprehensive production capability enables them to meet large-scale supply demands, offering competitively advantageous products to their customers.

Our rich project experience is evident in their diverse product category. we produced items such as Venturi tubes, Venturi valves, catalytic converters, aluminum barrels, milk buckets, electrical appliance liners, titanium alloy cutlery, shielding covers, signal transmission and reception covers, fan outlets/collectors/guide rings, communication covers, aircraft tail jets/combustion chambers/streamlining covers, stainless steel funnels, automotive shock absorber casings, copper hot pots, end caps, and more. These high-quality metal spun products have served numerous domestic manufacturers.


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