Metal Spinning Titanium

The shell components made by spin molding technology have solved the technical problems of low stiffness, large flutter, low machining accuracy and other technical problems that existed in turning machining, or cannot be machined at all, and have many advantages when applied in aerospace field.

Titanium spinning is a machining process for cylindrical workpieces based on the principle of using a rotary cutting tool to cut along the axial direction of the workpiece to form the desired geometry. The process has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and consistent quality.

Benefits of Titanum Spin Forming

Aerospace, ocean engineering, petrochemical and weapons equipment and other high-end structural components are lightweight, high reinforcement, high reliability and durability, and other properties of the development of titanium alloys due to its high specific strength, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, and other excellent performance, become the preferred structural materials for high-end equipment.
High-end equipment usually consists of several parts with different shapes and sizes, and the dimensional accuracy and performance of these parts directly affect the reliability and safety of the equipment as a whole, which puts forward higher requirements for the forming technology and dimensional accuracy of the parts. Advantages of spinning processing titanium alloy:

1. High efficiency: The titanium alloy spinning process adopts automatic assembly line operation, high efficiency, and low cost.
2. High precision: titanium alloy spinning can accurately control the machining tolerance, to achieve high precision requirements.
3. Stable quality: titanium alloy spinning has good stability, which can ensure the stable quality of product manufacturing.

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Titanum Spinning Case

Our technical team can produce various metal parts such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, silver, carbon steel, etc. Below is a case study of our spinning stainless steel parts for different industries.

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Working with DY Professional Titanum Spinning

Titanium alloy has high strength to weight ratio, stable organisation and good mechanical properties at high temperature, high strength and high wear resistance after treatment, small deformation at high temperature, etc. However, it is not conducive to spinning and forming at room temperature because of its high strength, low plasticity, strong work-hardening and easy to crack at room temperature, which makes it difficult to be industrially produced.
DY in the use of spin forming and precision machining technology, to solve the problem of large-size forming and processing technology, low-cost processing. Contact us to experience our full range of services.

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