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DY provides metalworking solutions that meet the needs of the agricultural spare parts. We use stainless steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel as well as aluminum, brass and copper to provide durable components for our agricultural customers.

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Benifits Metal Spun For Agriculture

Our processing steps for agricultural machinery parts include deep drawing, punching, metal spinning, laser cutting, welding, and polishing, which enhances the precision of the products. The robustness and durability of our products are also important for a profitable and rationalized offer.

Metal spinning offers several innovative advantages that make it the first choice for efficient production:

Accelerated production: Metal spinning reduces cycle times and allows for efficient handling of large orders, ensuring fast delivery and reduced costs.

Improved metal quality: Spinning not only provides a smooth, weld-free finish, but it also work-hardens the metal, increasing its tensile strength and overall durability.

Versatility in Production Volumes: From small-scale prototyping to high-volume production, metal spinning can be adapted to different production volumes using manual, semi-automatic or fully robotic CNC methods.

Design Complexity: Complex designs can be created by combining metal spinning with other manufacturing processes such as welding, rolling or deep drawing.

Case Of Metal Spun Parts For Agriculture

We make customised spinning agricultural parts for our customers in a variety of fields.

Agricultural spinning discs
disc base spinning for agriculture

The Field of Metal Spinning Parts for Agricultural

Metal spinning is a key process in the manufacturing of various innovative metal products crucial to the agricultural sector. Its applications encompass a wide range of needs:

Grain Handling: Metal spinning is an ideal choice for producing components like wheels, hoppers, sieves, and collection trays used in grain processing and storage.

Planting and Harvesting Machines: Vital components of planting and harvesting machines, from drum components and feed hoppers to stump jumpers and seed spreader discs, are made using metal spinning.

Advanced Mechanical Parts: Metal spinning components are essential for the operation of heavy-duty agricultural and earthmoving machinery, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Lawn Mower Bases: Steel bases guarantee stability during lawn mowing operations.

Storage Tanks: Metal spinning is crucial in the manufacture of tanks and tank covers for the storage and transportation of water and other agricultural products.

Custom Fence Post Caps: These caps can be customized to specific requirements, featuring various designs such as flat or domed tops.


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We have precision laser machine, robotic arm machining, CNC spinning machines, 1200T hydraulic presses, and high volume manufacturing capabilities to produce high precision, durable agricultural metal parts to your dimensions and drawings!
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