Copper Metal Spinning

Commonly used spinning materials: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper, nickel alloys, (titanium, molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium) alloys

Copper’s unique ductility and toughness, not easy to break or crack. Copper is one of the most suitable metals for spinning, at the same time, copper’s thermal and electrical conductivity, antibacterial and antifouling ability, especially suitable for pots and pans, electromechanical shrouds, musical instruments, lamps and lanterns and other industries.

Benefits of Copper Spinning

Copper spinning is an efficient and versatile metal working process that offers several important advantages:

Low scrap rate: Copper spinning does not produce large amounts of metal scrap. This not only saves material, but also reduces the need to clean up surrounding scrap, increasing overall efficiency.
100% Recyclable: Copper can be fully recycled with no loss of properties.
Cost Effective: Copper spinning achieves high quality manufacturing while keeping costs low compared to other metal processing techniques.

Cooper Spinning

Copper Spinning Case

Our technical team can produce various metal parts such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, silver, carbon steel, etc. Below is a case study of our spinning stainless steel parts for different industries.


Shaped charge liner

Product size: Φ60*80mm
Product thickness: 3.0mm
Material : oxygen-free copper
Application:Military accessories


Shaped charge liner

Product size: Φ60*70mm
Product thickness: 3.0mm
Material : oxygen-free copper
Application:Military accessories


Electromechanical shroud

Product size: Φ53*65mm
Product thickness:3.0mm
Material : Purple Copper T1
Application:Military accessories


Refrigeration equipment tubes

Product size: Φ50*55mm
Product thickness: 2.2mm
Material : brass
Application :Hardware

Copper Tank

Product size: Φ110*90mm
Product thickness: 2.0mm
Material : Purple Copper
Application:Furniture crafts


Handware Accessories

Product size: Φ50*55mm
Product thickness: 2.2mm
Material : brass

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