Custom Metal Spun Lampshades

DY custom led production line, aluminium led reflector, led lamp cup shade, lighting parts and downlight and so on. We produce our own CNC spinning machine on a large scale to meet the needs of the lighting industry.

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Benifits Metal Spun For Lampshades

Below is a brief list of the benefits of using metal spinning technology to manufacture lighting components:

Increased durability: The process of forming the component multiple times on the mould naturally hardens the material, making it stronger. This allows for the use of lighter materials, which reduces costs.

High surface finish: Metal spinning produces a more uniform component, which prevents problems such as wrinkles or warping during the moulding process.

Enhanced aesthetics and strength: Features such as beaded edges not only add to the aesthetics of the shade, but also increase the durability of the part.

Sustainability: Metal spinning is more sustainable than casting or forging. It makes the best use of materials and any scrap can be recycled, minimising the impact on the environment.

Versatility of design: The technique allows for the manufacture of lampshades in a variety of shapes and sizes, including hemispherical, conical, cylindrical, parabolic, oval and more.

Materials and finishes: Metal spinning can use a wide range of metals such as copper, brass, aluminium and steel. These metals can be available in different finishes and colours to match different styles and preferences.

Elegant and modern designs: The process creates elegant and modern lighting designs that enhance the beauty of any space.

Case Of Metal Spun Lighting

We metal spin materials such as copper, aluminum, and stainless steel to produce high quality, various shapes of lampshades and lamps for multiple photo projects. We have laser cutting machines, CNC spinning machines, and the expertise to achieve customized shapes that meet high tolerance requirements.

Material Aluminum

lamp lighting
Process Laser Cutting, Metal Spinning, Welding, Precise cutting, brush
Surface treatment Blacking, Mirror-polishing, spraying plastics or customized
Standard Tolerances (+/-0.015") to (+/-.045”)
Body Thickness 0.2mm ~15mm
Product Length 70-920mm
Product Width 20-1800mm

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