Metal spinning process

Shear Forming

Shear spinning, which refers to the forced spinning of conical components, involves the installation and securing of sheet or conical blanks on a mold. During spinning, the spinning roller rotates together with the workpiece and the mold, deforming the workpiece point by point to achieve the required wall thickness and angle. A conical component can be formed from flat stock in a single spinning operation.

As illustrated, since the outer diameter of the blank remains unchanged, the thinning of the product’s wall thickness is represented as the original thickness t0 = N*sinα, where the wall thickness is reduced. The wall thickness of the finished product is thinner than the thickness of the plate blank. Conical parts with a cone angle α in the 12° to 80° range can be produced in this manner.

This spinning method features short forming times and high forming precision. Additionally, the blank’s initial shape does not have to be circular.

shear spinning ,shear forming

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