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Our designed automatic spinning machine is unique in the market, combining the structure of a manual spinning lathe with a CNC lathe. The operation gestures are the same as those of a manual spinning machine, but its operational principle is equivalent to that of a CNC lathe.
CNC spinning does not require traditional complex programming; it adopts stick memory, memorizes points successively, connects dots to form lines, and features four-axis dual-drive, forward and backward movement, and left-right reciprocation, allowing for the natural formation of 3D curved surfaces.
This machine is highly mobile, flexible, fast, versatile, and consistent. It can excellently meet the craftsmanship requirements for various finishes such as smooth surfaces, protrusions, grooves, soft patterns, angle decorations, checkered patterns, edge trimming, bottom cutting, bottom flipping, and rolling, etc., surpassing manual operations. It is suitable for the manufacturing and processing of industrial and mining lamps, LED lamps, reflector cups, metal lighting accessories, kitchen utensils, chemical containers, automobile parts, ventilation fan outlets, and military aerospace equipment, etc.

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DEYI lightduty CNC spinning machine satisfies the market’s diverse needs with its high efficiency, energy saving, ease of operation, and strong versatility. Innovative auto-touch-point trajectory programming and infinitely variable-angle tooling have significantly improved processing efficiency, overcoming the limitations of traditional CNC machinery and bringing new development opportunities to the industry. With market expansion and continuous product optimization, it is expected to capture a larger market share in the future, driving progress and innovation in the industry.

1. High efficiency, energy conservation, ease of operation, and strong versatility. It normally takes only 3 to 5 days to learn, and it does not require CAD drawing.

2. It supports direct, user-friendly touch-point programming. The programming is simple, making it a device that can be programmed with just a knowledge of numbers. It can also be programmed through computer software, allowing one operator to monitor multiple machines.

3. CNC spinning machine can perform auto-touch-point trajectory programming through the x, y, z, and a axes. The z and a axes can rotate 360 degrees without any dead angles, allowing a single tool to achieve infinite angle transformations, solving the issue of traditional CNC machines requiring a different tool for each angle, thus saving on processing efficiency. The device also has many reserved expansion functions, with tools designed specifically according to different products and requirements.

4. It has low energy consumption (4-13.7 kW). the consumable parts are minimal (reducing the cost pressure of tools on products during production).

5. Important components of the whole machine are selected from high-end brands to reduce failure rates and further improve precision, with minimal tool wear.

6. One-step molding (whereas previously certain products required several manual processes to complete, the automatic machine can complete in one go).

7. The investment in machinery recoups costs quickly and has a wide range of applications. It can work with materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The machine can easily achieve inner and outer lighting of lampshades, deep-drawing cups, and complex craft vases through spinning, among other advantages.

350mm metal spinning machine, metal spinning lathe

350mm metal spinning machine

from $19,285

580mm metal spinning lathe

580mm metal spinning machine

from $24,000

980mm metal spinning machine

from $35,000

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